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Pet Health Resources

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Behavior in Cats

Biting and Scratching

Bringing a New Cat Home

Cat Aggression

Cats and Their Litterboxes

Correcting Unwanted Behavior

Feline Social Behavior & Selection of a New Kitten

Improper Bathroom Behavior

Prevent Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

Scratching Posts


Training Your Cat to use a Litterbox

Behavior in Dogs


Basic Training

Bringing a New Dog Home

Crate Training

Destructive Behavior

Dog Bite Prevention


How to Be Safe Around Dogs


Leash Pulling

Leave It/ Drop It


Puppy Socialization

Separation Anxiety

Submissive Urination

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Bird Care

Bird Health and Veterinary Care

Canary Care Guide

Cockatiel Care Guide

Finch Care Guide

Lovebird Care Guide

Parakeet Care Guide

Cat Care

Cat Care from AAHA

Feline Diabetes

Toxoplasmosis (AVMA)

Disaster Preparedness

FEMA Pet Emergency Preparedness

Pet Emergency Preparedness

Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist

Red Cross Pets and Disaster Safety

Disease and Treatment

Types of Cancer and Treatment

Exotic Animal Care (Rodents, Aquatics)

Dental Disease and Certain Exotic Pets

Gerbil Care Guide

Grieving the Loss of your Exotic Pet

Guinea Pig Care Guide

Hamster Care Guide

Importance of Wellness Exams for Exotic Pets

Maintenance of Water Quality for Healthy Fish

Mouse Care Guide

Pond Dynamics and Aquatic Residents

Rabbit Care Guide

Rat Care Guide

Reptile Care

Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Cataracts and Cataract Surgery


Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (Dry Eye)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome

Ferret Health and Behavior

Ferret Adrenal Disease

Ferret Care Guide

Ferret Insulinomas

Vaccinations Schedule for Ferrets

For Kids!

Animal Doc: A Site Just For Kids!

General Pet Care

Lodging for You and Your Pets

Pet Columns (Topics on Everything and Anything Pet Related!) University of Illinois

Healthy Living and Nutrition

Body Condition Score

Choosing a Pet Food

Helping Your Pet Live Longer

Nutrition and Pets

Pet Obesity is a Growing Problem

What Should You Feed Your Dog?

Heart Disease

Pets with Heart Disease


Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Clean and Medicate Your Pet’s Ears

Oral Health FAQs

Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails (AAHA)


Neurology FAQs

Parasites and Zoonotic Disease

Common Intestinal Parasites in Cats and Dogs

Companion Animal Parasite Council (Directory of All Known Parasites)

Fleas Infesting Pets and Homes

Ticks in Kansas

Why is it important to protect your pets from parasites?

Zoonotic Potential of Common Cat/Dog Intestinal Parasites

Pet Insurance Companies

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Loss Support

C.A.R.E. Pet Loss Resources (University of Illinois)

Coping through Holidays and Special Event Days

Coping with Guilt

Experience of Pet Loss

How to Support a Loved One Who Is Grieving

Pet Loss Support

Rainbow Bridge Poem

Reactions of Other Pets in the Home

Self- Care During the Grieving Process

Signs that you are Healing

Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Prevention of Animal Cruelty

What is animal cruelty?


Animal Poison Control Center

Common Poisonous Household Plants

Everyday Items That May Be Toxic to Your Pet

Pet Travel Tips

Preparing Your Home for a New Dog

What is an Emergency?

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

Enjoy the Holidays While Keeping Your Pet Safe

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift?

Summer Tips for Pets

Senior Pet Care

Caring for an Older Pet

Senior Pet Care Tips